Terrestrial Beings

Terrestrial Beings in Three Wonders

Date: July to September 1998


Milennia Walk (Terrestrial Beings in WaterColoured Mirage & Terrestrial Beings in Three Wonders)

UOB Plaza Atrium (Terrestrial Beings in Spherical Analogy)



Terrestrial Beings in WaterColoured Mirage: Lim Chin Huat

Terrestrial Beings in Three Wonders: Choo Leh Leh

Terrestrial Beings in Spherical Analogy: Tan How Choon



Architectual, environmental and sculptural forms were explored in this second series of site-specific outreach projects. Terrestrial Beings in WaterColoured Mirage and Terrestrial Beings in Three Wonders were staged at Millenia Walk. Terrestrial Beings in Three Wonders was performed around sculptures like Salvadore Dali’s Homage To Newton and Fernando Botero’s Bird at UOB Plaza Atrium. These visually gratifying performances were presented for free public viewing.




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