Date & Time:

  • Public Performance: 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 Jan 2003, 8pm
  • Matinee Performance: 16 Jan 2003, 3pm
  • NAC-AEP Special Programme: 13 – 16, 20 – 23 Jan 2003 (10am & 3pm)

Venue: Theatre Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the


Sheep TY Dog

Come on a fun-filled & wacky journey with the Sheepmaker and his friends.



Sheep TY Sheep

Be immersed in the Sheepmaker’s colourful world of imagination and be thrilled by wonderful surprises* from Ty!


Production Details:

Choreography: Lim Chin Huat
Music Composition: Earl Norman (USA)
Lighting Design: Yo Shao Ann
Performed by: Ecnad Team A


The sheep that is described in Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”, embodies the ability to imagine and see beyond boundaries.

Ecnad’s SHEEP embodies the same spirit in this creative dance that transport you to the colourful world of the Sheepmaker. Meet all his friends and have loads of fun in his imaginary world if you are young or young-at-heart!


About the Performance

“Sheepmaker in his interesting experiments, Galang Guni collecting junks, Drunkard in his own world, Policewoman maintaining order, Ah Xiu in her secret garden… Hot Reddie, Cooling Blue, Harmony Greenie, Power Yellow, Sparkling Oren, Titus fighting, Kua Fu (from ancient Chinese legend) chases after the Sun… What is this?”

This is the colourful world of the Sheepmaker entitled SHEEP.

SHEEP is a fun dance performance that comprises of many colourful, wacky and interesting characters from real life, legend and imagination. The dance also incorporates interesting science facts, a see-as-it-happens setting, shadow play, and expression of colours and lights…

This is also an interactive show involving no audience seats at all. The dance may happen very near to the audience from different directions. Blurring the boundary line between the dancers and audience. Lucky audience may get to have fun and dance together with some of the wacky characters.

The performance SHEEP is extremely suitable for children, family and those young-at-heart. Although it looks kiddy, it is a condensed little world, not just for children! SHEEP is in everybody’s heart… Enjoy the young and pure ‘self’.


What Audiences Said About The Old Version of SHEEP

“I thought it was exciting & wonderful for the children, it must be like a big Fantasy Land…”
- Robyn Munro

“Sheep, is about sense of belonging, the search of community. Everyone has a sheep in us, it might be in the form of our liking, dislikes, surname, occupation, but the sheep in us will be our linkage to the others, across boundary, culture, races and colours. When we all found the sheep that enable us to relate better to others, that’s when the world a better place to be.”
- Chin Hon Fai

“Weird, but great fun”
- M. Buescher

“Accessible Performance Art”
- Jeffrey Tan

“A bit of everything; something pure, something simple, something different.”
- Liau Yi Sin


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