Date: July to September 1997

Choreographers:Add New

  • Lim Chin Huat and Choo Leh Leh (The Dawning ON the Source & Genesis at Unknown Terrain)
  • Tan How Choon (A Wish TO Utopia)



The three-act Ontogenesis, is the celebration of water: the symbol of life, energy and prosperity. Costumes for the production are fluid and sheer, capturing the spirit and harmony of running water. Appropriately, all three acts, namely “The Dawning ON the Source”, “A Wish TO Utopia” and “Genesis at Unknown Terrain”, are staged within various fountains in Singapore: Suntec City, Parco Bugis Junction and Sentosa’s Merlion Walk.


In the News

Leap From Theatre To Urban Setting

by Soh Wen Lin

Source: Life! 4 July 1997


IT CAME from the sea.

Well, not quite, but strange figures will be emerging from the Waterfall Plaza at Millenia Walk today, much like water nymphs during the wedding masque scene of The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

They are dancers from Singapore’s Dance Dimension Project, executing the second year of Ontogenesis, the group’s four-year plan to bring dance out of theatres and into various urban settings in Singapore.

Last year, it performed Dawning On The Source in fountains located at Parco Bugis Junction and Sentosa.

This year, the 12-member troupe will start its performance, titled Terrestrial Beings In Watercoloured Mirage, in the Suntec City fountain, picking up where they left off last year, but halfway through the dance they will emerge from the Waterfall Plaza and dance their way to the Roy Lichtenstein Sculpture Plaza, taking the audience with them.

“We wanted to start off in water to have a sense of continuity from last year,” said Mr Tan How Choon, producer of Dance Dimension Project.

“But we also want to have a sense of progress, thus moving from the water to solid ground.”

Next month and in September, the troupe’s focus will shift towards urban sculptures in Singapore.

It will perform pieces around sculptures like Salvadore Dali’s Homage To Newton and Bird by Fernando Botero at the United Overseas Bank Auditorium near Boat Quay.

The non-profit organisation is funded by the National Youth Council and National Arts Council.




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