Lim Chin Huat

Lim Chin Huat


A visual artist ventures into theatre and later dance, and become a cross-disciplinary artist. Chin Huat is a recipient of the Young Artist Award (2000). He co-founded and artistic co-direct Dance Dimension Project, now ECNAD, with Tan How Choon in 1996. He was awarded Professional Artist Grant (1999) given by the National Arts Council and certified with spirit of Enterpreneur in 2004.

His dance teachers include Colleen Darby, Janet Sturman, Boon Teo, Angela Liong and the late Tony Llacer. Even as a student, he demonstrated exceptional fortitude by breaking his flat feet into their present arches to dance. Chin Huat dances, choreographs, conceptualises and designs. His original training in fine arts at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts under Wee Beng Chong, Tan Swee Seng, Tan Teck Heng and Lim Yew Kuan has a profound impact in all his creative endeavours with ECNAD.

He seamlessly assimilates Asian sensibilities with Western disciplines in his choreographic works, as evident in B-Cycle (1996). He leaves his inimitable imprints on stunning set designs, costumes and illustrations seen in ECNAD’s theatre and site-specific productions, such as Sheep (1997, 2003) and Ontogenesis – Dawning on the Source (1997), Plastic (1999), LOOK-SEE @ the Fish in the Flower (1999) and Missing in Tall Pillars (2002) with How Choon, Cost-Tune-Mean (2004). Some of his other trademark works include a-the-bird (1994, 2000), SOLO (1998), SPY (2004), Feather Touch (2008).

Since 2005, he has showcased his strength in conceptualising strong visual programmes in collaboration and commissioned by corporate such as Land Before Time (2005, Artwine Festival), Metamorphosis (2006, Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award), Storm in Lagenda Singapura (2008, Singapore Rival Festival), CamFire (2009, Singapore Rival Festival), The Red Queen (2009, Asian Civilisation Museum) and Star Award 2011 (2011, MediaCorp).

He brought his works a-the-bird, Floating Mirror and Tales from the Giant Blanket to festivals in New Zealand, the former Yugoslavia and Indonesia in 2001. In 2005, he was invited to Beijing, China to choreograph and perform in Confession, a collaborative project involving artists from China, Japan and Singapore, staged at Chaoyang Cultural Center. In 2009, he appeared in Vienna with another site-specific collaborative performance with local artists.

His other invaluable contribution to local arts has been to provide upcoming artists of any discipline, platforms for development and expression. FireBall (2005, 2006 and 2011) was his latest brainchild for such talents. His fearless artistic experimentations, spirit of perseverance and unflagging enthusiasm are widely admired among local arts practitioners and supporters.

Chin Huat was a part-time lecturer with NAFA Theatre Department and co-directed the 2008 Graduation play. He designed many successful training programmes for local arts institutions, schools, overseas organisations and ECNAD since 1992. He also guest lecturer at Dance Department.

He was also appointed the NDP choreographer for year 2007 and 2008. On top of that, he was commissioned to shape up programme for Singapore River Festival 2008 and 2009.


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