ECNAD's Education Unit was set up by our Dance Master Tan How Choon in 1998 to nurture the company team and our younger generation with quality dance training programmes, creative guidance, arts education programmes and private coaching.

Since its inception, ECNAD Education has had numerous intensive talent development training programmes initiated by Tan How Choon such as Dance Intonet (1998-1999), Fresh From The Oven (1998-2004), Dance Explorer (2006-2010) and Mentorship Programme (since 2010)

ECNAD Education specializes in contemporary dance training and creative guidance using scientific training, correct dance technique and alignment to mould each dancer according to their individual body type. Our wide range of courses and workshops include contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, conditioning courses, gym dance, creative movement, improvisation, composition, choreography, dance technique coaching and other tailor-made training.

The members in our current dance instructor team are Tan How Choon, Lim Chin Huat, Eileen Lee and Esther Kong, Our focus is on dance technique, conditioning and creative guidance. Sharing and scientific training is ECNAD’S forte in dance education.

Our dance classes are divided into 4 terms per year. Each term consist of 10 classes. At the end of the year, our students will have the opportunity to experience performing in a studio showcase entitled Shall We Dance.

ECNAD Education frequently conducts dance workshops during the term breaks in June and November/December. We also accept special workshop engagement by arts institutions, arts centres, school and organisations.

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