Crazy Naked World

Crazy Naked World

Date & Time: 25 – 26 July 2003

Venue: Victoria Theatre

How has the idea of putting on clothes on our naked bodies affected us and shaped the world we live in today? For better or for worse? Crazy Naked World stuns you with a wild and wacky display of dance to reveal you more! An original choreography by Lim Chin Huat (Young Artist Award 2000 Recipient), video projection by Chew Tze Chuan and music by Earl Norman.


Choreographer’s Message

About the dance:

Human behaviours are very interesting.
“Man” has always been manipulating and changing our living environment/situation consciously or subconsciously.

Why “Naked”?

We are all born bare bodied.  The “Naked” self was the starting point and then we learnt about shyness, and began to cover up our bodies with materials. “Clothing” evolved as coverage and decoration art for human body. This additional coverage has become an essential and magical element that is helping to define human roles, characters, and enhances emotional expressions, and reactions …

You will see how the additional textures, fabrics, weights, colours, volumes, sizes, appearances and functions re-define or restrict the body movement.

Why “Crazy”?

The dance brings you different interesting, funny, wacky, serious, and crazy “characters”. “Crazy”is the situation we are in and also a way to express the out-of-control or reaction towards the bizarre and forever changing living environment.

The human’s “desire” for more comes after the fulfilment of the basic needs.  There is a choice of either:
a strong will to control, to gain power, and abilities to adapt to changes, to face pressure, to go along with the main stream; or
mellowing into one’s own weaknesses, accumulating frustrations, choosing to stay behind, and losing the ability to adjust to the forever changing environment.

The World:

Our “World” is this little planet – Earth that we live on, cling on…  It is a world of “choices” to enjoy, suffer, indulge, manipulate or be manipulated.  In reality, the world is full of “craziness”.




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