Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance III by Chin

Chin’s contemporary dance training focuses on the flow of dance movement and various performing qualities that enhance dancing. Through application of correct alignment, balance, body lines and articulation of body emphasises on the use of torso. With his 20 years of dance practise and a strong fine arts background, his class will lead you to further understanding of your individual body type that will facilitate better contemporary dancing. This class is suitable for dancers with basic training background.

Contemporary Dance II by Eileen

Drawing from her own training, Eileen incorporates some Graham technique into this class. Participants will learn positioning, contractions, prances, spirals among many in both floor work as well as center practice. This class is suitable for students who have some experience in dance (any genre). Beginners are welcome to try out to see if this is suitable for them.


Contemporary Dance I by Esther

Explore the natural energy and emotional state of your body to produce dance movements. You will learn the contemporary dance technique of control, balance and be able to execute the movements, as well as understanding how to use your body in a variety of ways and developing a good foundation for contemporary dance before advancing to a higher level. Therefore it is safe and accessible for beginners and the ease of movement by contemporary dance technique allows experienced dancers to push new boundaries of body movement.

Contemporary ABC by Esther

This is an introductory course, suitable for those who have not been through formal dance training and would like to have a “sneak preview” on what contemporary dance is all about.
Apart from focusing on the natural alignment of the body, you’ll be exposed to contemporary dance movements through music and various daily movements. Come and try out contemporary dance in a fun, encouraging and explorative way!


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