Conditioning Classes

Stretch & Conditioning by Choon

This is a stretch class specially designed with combination of dance placement awareness, alignment and conditioning exercises. Come and enjoy under the guidance of Choon with accompany of Choonie Tune music. Stretch to your limit; Condition your body through your imagination, with scientific guidance and anatomy-friendly environment. Stretch conditioning is suitable for all levels. Class will be conducted in both dynamic stretch and slow stretch with a well-rounded routine.

Alignment Conditioning by Choon

Students will be guided through the alignment for Ballet, Modern & Contemporary dancing. Learn the different forms in alignment class with Choon’s own music creations.

Ballet Conditioning by Eileen

A conditioning class combining floor barre, basic ballet technique, Pilates and stretching to target muscle groups essential for ballet and contemporary dance. This class will be beneficial to dance students seeking to train their muscles outside of a proper dance class as well as impart basic dance principles to absolute beginners through simple exercises. The course is also suitable for participants who just want to tone their muscle.


Ladies’ Workout by Esther

Want to keep trim and fit? Or you just want to tone those muscles and stay healthy? Body Conditioning will help put your body in the best possible condition. Exercises will be taught to suit individual’s body, thus improving one’s strength and natural alignment of the body. EXCLUSIVELY FOR LADIES ONLY!


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