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"To initial creative spirit, cultivate innovative creations, develop dance appreciation, provide support for talents and original creative works that reflect contemporary life and to build community through artistic collaboration in dance, education and collaboration."


ECNAD, co-founded by artistic co-directors Tan How Choon and Lim Chin Huat, has been making waves in the area of bold dance productions since our beginnings as the pioneer full-time contemporary dance company in Singapore (then known as the Dance Dimension Project, 1996-2001, renamed as ECNAD in 2001). Over the years, ECNAD has built a reputation for our strong visual works with site-specific, outreach and cross-disciplinary natures.

Under the artistic direction of How Choon and Chin Huat, two adventurous and explorative dancers and choreographers who share a strong partnership and collaborative spirit, ECNAD's Artistic Development Unit has staged more than 70 productions since 1996.

ECNAD’s range of visual choreographic works include theatre, non-theatre, outreach, site-specific collaborations, education, special commissioned with festivals and corporate organisations. Some of our signature works include “FireBall” (2011, 2006 & 2005), “Star Award 2011”, “The Red Queen” (2010/2009), “In The Name Of Dance” (2008), “Ego Flamingo” (2004), “SPY” (2004), “Missing In Tall Pillars” (2002), “Water Story” (2001), “a-the-birds” (2000), “LOOK-SEE @ the Fish in the Flower” (1999), “SOLO” (1998), “Plastic” (1998), “A Wish TO Utopia” (1997) and “B-cycle” (1996).

In 2011, ECNAD kicked off our performance season with “Memories Revelation” in March (a co-presentation with NUS Centre for The Arts in NUS Arts Festival in March). In July, we co-presented a cross-disciplinary mini-festival “FireBall” with The Substation to present 20 young artists. The year was rounded up with “Shall We Dance” in November, a studio presentation as part of our Talent Development Programme.

Today, ECNAD is still one of the main contemporary dance companies in Singapore and we focus on three aspects: Artistic development, Education and Creative services.


Artistic Development

ECNAD's Artistic Development unit, developed since 1996, has been a ground-breaking unit which focuses on the development and presentation of site-specific, artist collaborations, theatrical, outreach and innovative dance works. Under this main unit, ECNAD has collaborated with many local and overseas artists and talents for more than 50 creative projects. Other than our trademark's stunning visual in dance staging in theatres, some of our known projects include fountain series, sculpture series, courtyards, museums, and many outdoor and non-theatre spaces.

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Our Education unit is the supporting arm developed by our dance master How Choon in 1998. Since then, he has designed and directed numerous successful Talent Development programmes and young artists' showcases, such as the FireBall series. Through these programmes, ECNAD has nurtured many young choreographers in Singapore. On top of that, our collaborative projects and mini festivals have presented many local and overseas independent artists range from dance, theatre, music, visual arts, video and design. ECNAD also offers dance classes in contemporary dance technique and creative training. Some of our successful special training programmes include "Dance Intonet" (1998), "Fresh From The Oven" (1999-2006), "Dance Explorer" (2007-2010) and latest's "Mentorship programme" (2011-2012)

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Creative Services

ECNAD's Creative Services unit was started in 2005, led by our creative wizard Chin Huat. Through this unit, ECNAD aims to create another space to collaborate and accept commissioned works from various type of festivals and corporate organizations. Some of our commissioned projects include Artwine Festival 2005, Mercedes-Benz Asian Fashion Award 2006, Singapore River Festival 2008, Star Award 2011, Gardens by the Bay opening's Finale performance 2012.

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