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Gym Dance 

by Choon

With a special fusion of essential dance technique training and conditioning gymnastic floor skill for aspiring dancers. With Choon’s experience from gymnastic switch to dance, he is sharing with you for in maximising control, flexibility, coordination with dance flow. Supplement training for dancer in combining gymnastic into dance training by Choonie Tune. Come for an exciting class of dancing, conditioning and tumbling!!!

Arts Lab

by Choon & Chin

See the world through the eyes and express through your arts. Let Choonie Tune Art lead you for the journey of exploration on sketching faces, trees and objects. Adding colours to your minds and creations and finding patterns. In the Lab, Choonie Tune Art is also guiding you for the fun through patterns making and giving meaning to it. As well as simple cut and paste collage, scribbling, and colours’ studies. Come join him in this amazing world of colours, patterns, shapes and forms. This Workshop is also supported and facilitated by artist/designer Chin Huat.


Dance Composition 

by Chin

Want to experience how a dance is composed and created? Here’s your chance! Chin is sharing his expertise and experiences in 20 years of creative guidance and physical, movement and dance training. This workshop will ensure you fun learning in movement that is composed into dance phrases. Basic elements in dace making will be introduced and guided in a progressive manner for participants to explore, experience and further apply into own concept that will make up dances.


Ballet & Jazz

Adult Ballet

by Eileen

This class focuses on proper ballet technique and teaches participants to work within their physique to utilize their facilities to the fullest and dance safely. A full class comprising of barrework, center and across the floor. Participants will be familiar with common ballet technique and terms by the end of the term.


Green Ballet

by Choon

Soar to the breeze? Fly with the wind? These are the things we will attempt in green ballet. Come and experience the freedom to move without conforming to pointing of toes and cracking your turn out. Green ballet takes You to a place where dancing is for everyone. How to execute ballet skills without using too much muscular strength? How to train without over exerting your body? Find out in green ballet about locomotion in dance and the economy me using your strength. What is a free ride and how we go about doing it? All these are questions we asked in green ballet. Time to relax and enjoy the breeze, the sun and the park. Stop thinking about pointing your toes or cracking your turn out. Be yourself and enjoy. In green ballet we are taking the free ride to a land of joy and wonder without having to conform yourself ve a box. Let this be your ticket to do it right, do it well. Be prepared to get blown away with fun and laughter.


Contemporary Jazz


by Eileen

This class combines contemporary and jazz technique. Participants will do fun upbeat combinations as well as lyrical combinations set to music that you are familiar with. This class seeks to not just give you correct technique but also to get you to dance!


Lyrical Jazz

 by Esther

Ever been moved or touched by a song so much that you’d like to sing and dance to it? Come experience Lyrical Jazz! Bring out the poetic and expressive side of you…A fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. You will be able to show musicality and express emotion through naturalistic movement.


Conditioning Classes

Stretch & Conditioning by Choon

This is a stretch class specially designed with combination of dance placement awareness, alignment and conditioning exercises. Come and enjoy under the guidance of Choon with accompany of Choonie Tune music. Stretch to your limit; Condition your body through your imagination, with scientific guidance and anatomy-friendly environment. Stretch conditioning is suitable for all levels. Class will be conducted in both dynamic stretch and slow stretch with a well-rounded routine.

Alignment Conditioning by Choon

Students will be guided through the alignment for Ballet, Modern & Contemporary dancing. Learn the different forms in alignment class with Choon’s own music creations.

Ballet Conditioning by Eileen

A conditioning class combining floor barre, basic ballet technique, Pilates and stretching to target muscle groups essential for ballet and contemporary dance. This class will be beneficial to dance students seeking to train their muscles outside of a proper dance class as well as impart basic dance principles to absolute beginners through simple exercises. The course is also suitable for participants who just want to tone their muscle.


Ladies’ Workout by Esther

Want to keep trim and fit? Or you just want to tone those muscles and stay healthy? Body Conditioning will help put your body in the best possible condition. Exercises will be taught to suit individual’s body, thus improving one’s strength and natural alignment of the body. EXCLUSIVELY FOR LADIES ONLY!


Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance III by Chin

Chin’s contemporary dance training focuses on the flow of dance movement and various performing qualities that enhance dancing. Through application of correct alignment, balance, body lines and articulation of body emphasises on the use of torso. With his 20 years of dance practise and a strong fine arts background, his class will lead you to further understanding of your individual body type that will facilitate better contemporary dancing. This class is suitable for dancers with basic training background.

Contemporary Dance II by Eileen

Drawing from her own training, Eileen incorporates some Graham technique into this class. Participants will learn positioning, contractions, prances, spirals among many in both floor work as well as center practice. This class is suitable for students who have some experience in dance (any genre). Beginners are welcome to try out to see if this is suitable for them.


Contemporary Dance I by Esther

Explore the natural energy and emotional state of your body to produce dance movements. You will learn the contemporary dance technique of control, balance and be able to execute the movements, as well as understanding how to use your body in a variety of ways and developing a good foundation for contemporary dance before advancing to a higher level. Therefore it is safe and accessible for beginners and the ease of movement by contemporary dance technique allows experienced dancers to push new boundaries of body movement.

Contemporary ABC by Esther

This is an introductory course, suitable for those who have not been through formal dance training and would like to have a “sneak preview” on what contemporary dance is all about.
Apart from focusing on the natural alignment of the body, you’ll be exposed to contemporary dance movements through music and various daily movements. Come and try out contemporary dance in a fun, encouraging and explorative way!


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