Bun & Stone 《馒头与石头》

Bun and Stone

Date & Time: 25 – 27 Mar 2010 (8pm), 28 Mar 2010 (3pm)

Venue: Play Den @ The Arts House



One day, something strange happened in the city called Bunnasong that set the Bunions (people of Bunnasong) to rethink their obsession with their buns!

Based on 2 contrasting elements, both ECNAD’s artistic directors How Choon and Chin Huat were inspired to create BUN & STONE.

It started with the theme of 2 normal elements from our environment: bun and stone. The soft texture in BUN and the hardness of STONE, together with two different approaches in creative process, turned these man-made and natural objects into a creative journey with humourous reflections on our pragmatic society and the need to search for breathing spaces.

The story of BUNNASONG CITY created by How Choon brings out the essence of the BUN segment, while Chin Huat starts his segment with an outdoor stone installation at the Front Lawn, interweaving and merging into the Play Den performance space through dance, movement and projection technology.

Come enjoy an entertaining evening with us in an artistic production that showcases local creativity at its best!


Additional information:

Venue Supporter: The Arts House

Partners: Polystone, Sevenoaks Wines, Fernyland, Keppel Nights

Concept and creative direction, choreography: Tan How Choon & Lim Chin Huat

Music: Tan How Choon

Stone Installation: Lim Chin Huat

Guest Performer: Low Yuen Wei (InSource Theatre)

Dancers: Alisa Ang, Koo Yuan Hui, Rebecca Chew, Justin Wong, Benny Cai


This event is part of Cele6arts: The Arts House Turns 6.




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