Ballet & Jazz

Adult Ballet

by Eileen

This class focuses on proper ballet technique and teaches participants to work within their physique to utilize their facilities to the fullest and dance safely. A full class comprising of barrework, center and across the floor. Participants will be familiar with common ballet technique and terms by the end of the term.


Green Ballet

by Choon

Soar to the breeze? Fly with the wind? These are the things we will attempt in green ballet. Come and experience the freedom to move without conforming to pointing of toes and cracking your turn out. Green ballet takes You to a place where dancing is for everyone. How to execute ballet skills without using too much muscular strength? How to train without over exerting your body? Find out in green ballet about locomotion in dance and the economy me using your strength. What is a free ride and how we go about doing it? All these are questions we asked in green ballet. Time to relax and enjoy the breeze, the sun and the park. Stop thinking about pointing your toes or cracking your turn out. Be yourself and enjoy. In green ballet we are taking the free ride to a land of joy and wonder without having to conform yourself ve a box. Let this be your ticket to do it right, do it well. Be prepared to get blown away with fun and laughter.


Contemporary Jazz


by Eileen

This class combines contemporary and jazz technique. Participants will do fun upbeat combinations as well as lyrical combinations set to music that you are familiar with. This class seeks to not just give you correct technique but also to get you to dance!


Lyrical Jazz

 by Esther

Ever been moved or touched by a song so much that you’d like to sing and dance to it? Come experience Lyrical Jazz! Bring out the poetic and expressive side of you…A fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. You will be able to show musicality and express emotion through naturalistic movement.


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